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שחר מ.

שחר מ.

2023-03-31 12:36:45

I wanted to buy a lawn mower.
Before buying , I sent an email to the website and asked if the product was in stock and available ?
And how many years of warranty ?
They answered yes , the product is available in stock and has a two-year warranty .
Only then did I pay and order.
4 days pass and they send me an email that they checked in the warehouse and they have a device
that is broken.
So what are you confusing the brain ? Misleading and lying to the customer ?
They offered me to buy another product in black.
I refused and they asked me to give them one day to check with other providers .
Of course they didn't even get back to me.
I sent them an email and asked to cancel the order.
They asked me to write down the account number for the credit (like they don't know) from
which account it was paid...
I sent them .
They didn't even confirm that they received it and answered politely back .
4 days pass and I don't see the money in the account.
I sent them an email and until now I am shocked by their response !!!
They wrote to me that they perform refounds every Friday and that I would have to wait until Friday - a week and another two weeks until I see the money in my account.
Just unbelievable!
Any self-respecting company and place never behaves like this towards a customer and gives a full refund sometimes immediately and a maximum of 1-3 days and does not hold the customer and his money hostage and prevent him from purchasing the product from another place during this time.
They lost me forever! I will never go near them again!
These filthy criminals harmed me and caused me severe mental and financial anguish - during these 3 weeks the price of the product increased (this season is close) by almost 100 euros.
Those who don't want to get hurt and pay a heavy price and try their luck - don't go near them!

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